Potentially inhibited thinking or errors in thinking  where we can fall into many different traps that limit our thinking (and actions )by not providing clear meaning to events in our life ( “ You Feel the Way You Think”)

All or Nothing – See issues as black or white, good or bad without any shades in between

Over-generalisations – reaching big conclusions based on small fragments of evidence such as thinking that you are clumsy if you have the odd event

Dwelling on the negative – Picking up on a negative event and becoming obsessed with the past and about how dark everything is. Forgetting your successes and only remembering your failures and dragging them up again and again. The glass is always half empty everything is doom and gloom.

Discounting the Positive – seeing anything positive as unusual and not celebrating your many strengths and successes

Mind Reading and Fortune Telling – Making assumptions about what others are thinking or feeling without really bothering to check it with them and listen to them fully. Then taking action without good or full information and getting a bad reaction

Self Fulfilling Prophecy – where you believe that something really bad is going to happen to you and then behave in a way that it actually does

Catastrophising – Blowing small events out of all proportion to cause negative outcomes. Making mountains out of molehills

Denial – Ignoring or playing down important information or events that need more careful consideration

Emotional Reasoning – Making the assumption that your negative emotions are an accurate reflection of how things really are – “I feel it is true so it must be “

Labelling others – Instead of attempting to understand other people’s situation or behaviours labelling them with your emotive language and then believing that is what they are like

Personalisation – seeing someone as the cause of your problems or a disliked event and completely neglecting/ missing a wide range of other factors that may play a significant role in their behaviour. Then feeling guilty or hurt when there is no need to.

Using Should and shouldn’t – trying to whip people’s behaviour into a shape you want by using words such as must , ought or should – there is no reasoning here just an attempt to install a sense of guilt in the other person without really understanding their position or issues


  1.   Accept that we all can and do make mistakes – it is OK and a normal human occurrence
  2.  Stamp on Shame linked to feelings that weaknesses and errors have been exposed
  3.   Laugh at yourself
  4.  Try new things
  5.   Don’t take offence so easily
  6.   Make good use of criticism when it is  helpful, constructive and trying to help you see things more objectively
  7.  Encourage your creativity to flow
  8. Enjoy yourself –  chill out and lighten up , life is too short , make the most of the present moment
  9. DON’T let others suffering from limited thinking  mentioned above get to you





Peter Cobbe coaching

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I respect the integrity and confidentiality of my clients building on their existing great skills and abilities and evolving enhanced self guidance : ” No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities.”

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