When working with my clients we establish their current situation in detail and then craft a customised  and holistic job campaign to meet their specific needs.

An overview provides some insight how this works in general,  although different elements may be used in the context of a specific clients needs : 


See the approach as a campaign with 3 major phases that interact- 


  2. ACT   


Each element of each phase provides opportunity for very detailed and effective coaching and support



  • Set up your administrative structure to run and track your campaign activity
  • Set up intelligence systems that enable you to keep up with trends and issues in your specific area/ profession
  • Set up job board systems to establish current market activity in term of roles on offer and who is hiring
  • Securing professional coaching help provides access to  knowledge on effective campaigning at all stages
  • Develop a high impact, professional CV/ Resume that clearly shows you value and customise it to resonate with specific roles
  • Establish a professional profile on Linked In and access premium membership to help with your search and attract interest in your skills, experience and achievements
  • Complete and learn from behavioural and other psychometrics


  • Research organisations of interest to join and contact them via your network where possible
  • Make optimal use of media to research job opportunities and market intelligence
  • Develop relationships with recruitment consultants.headhunters who operate in your sector , professional area and work with them in partnership to achieve your next role. 
  • Direct approaches can also work well if your approach is carefully thought out and structured to ensure interest in the value you can offer
  • Set up a professional linked in profile and learn about the optimal use of linked in to secure a role
  • If you want local employment get out and look around you area for new activity and companies that are hiring
  • Prepare effectively for interviews and learn from each event. follow up carefully after each interview.As well as knowing how to answer difficult question also learn some important psychological factors that dramatically  improve your impact
  • If assessment centres are used prepare effectively and know about what is required
  • If you are required to complete behavioural or non behavioural psychometrics practice them online
  • If an offer is made know how to negotiate and reach conclusion in an effective way
  • Balance your job campaign with other activities of interest to you 


  • Agree an induction plan
  • For management and senior roles be aware of what you will do  to add value in the first 100 days across a range of areas . This will naturally vary according to the role requirements . For example is their a strong leadership element , are you expected to run a complex project/programme, are you required to build strong external relationships or deliver to specific sales/revenue targets.
  • Agree objectives as soon as possible if they have not been made clear at the outset and agree specific outcomes/measures of success for each objective. 
  • Agree review meetings with your direct manager
  • Build excellent internal and external relationships / coalitions  to enable role success – establish your personal brand/signature presence
  • Keep up to date with your area of expertise and external impacts through and good intelligence systems and focused networking
  • Keep investing join your personal development using organisation processes and external training. A massive range of free online training and development courses are now freely available
  • Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date

Job Campaign

  • NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS : Coaching via Skype / Facetime / 1 to 1 meetings

AC_Logo_Main_LOW_ Member

  • My career experience includes HR Director and senior executive roles in Barclays plc and Tesco plc leading major transformation and complex change programmes reporting at Board level .I have an MBA, BA and I am a member of the CIPD and Association for Coaching. I am an accredited coach with over 12 years of private client coaching experience and as an associate consultant with Penna (UK) dealing with career, life,executive and business coaching and counselling. I work in mentoring and coaching partnerships with executives to help achieve gains of importance to them.I help people of all ages, different cultures and job levels to understand more about themselves, their impact on others and how to develop across major dimensions in life.
    I respect the integrity and confidentiality of my clients building on their existing great skills and abilities and evolving enhanced self guidance : ” No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities.”Specialties: Holistic / systemic approach to coaching
    Remote coaching via Skype and Apple Facetime
    Coaching for Executive performance /High Potential including C level
    First 100 days
    Career Coaching/portfolio lifestyle
    Coaching for powerful presentations
    Life Coaching
    Executive advice on staff insight surveys
    Facilitating key meetings and C- level strategic retreats engaging around people decisions that flow from business choices
    Business/HR Strategy ,Change Leadership
    Communications strategy
    Psychometrics,NLP,Emotional Intelligence
    Confidence&Self Esteem
    Creativity coaching
    Independent Consulting propositions coaching
    Non Executive director coaching
    Business Report/White Paper writing
    Graduate career coachingJust a thought :Five frogs are sitting on a log.
    Four decide to jump off. How many are left?Answer: five. Why? Because there’s a difference between deciding and doing.Mark Feldman

For a free exploratory discussion on 1 to 1 or Group Session coaching contact me on:


via  my Linked In Profile



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