Insights for interviews


  1. Prepare for the interview in terms research about the organisation  ( its place in  the market, key competitors, recent history/ key events , challenges , latest accounts and details of the people who will be interviewing you)
  2. Think about what you bring to the role in a holistic way : Think about the ways you would be really valuable in the role across several dimensions such as team play, leadership, customer service,client engagement, commercial acumen,networks,sales and business development, administrative and operational excellence, innovation,strategy, change management and delivery according to the needs of the role.
  3. Complete a presentation to yourself about how you would make multidimensional impact in the first 3 months, 6 months and year.
  4. Have a few useful structures to enable you to answer questions with impact – CAR – Challenge faced , Action taken,Results achieved
  5. If they ask you to complete a presentation as part of the interview follow their brief, prepare the presentation,seek others views and inputs and practice/ rehearse


  1. Mindset: Enter the interview with the mindset that you are also interviewing the people involved. It is a two way process as you position to find out more about each other and if you fit the team and culture.
  2. Communication impact : Consider what do you want the interviewers to think, feel and do with regards to your responses at interview
  3. Compelling evidence :Work to develop an in depth understanding of the requirements of the role and the skills,experience,competences needed to deliver it. Have stories ready about how your combined value in these areas would lead to success in the role
  4. Go with and respond to the flow : Pay attention to the mood,climate and flow of the interview and be ready to respond and adjust in the moment
  5. Interview them with purpose : When asked if you have any questions ensure that the questions you ask demonstrate the quality of your thinking and understanding of the challenges posed by the role. If the potential future boss is there ask them what do they want most from the person reporting to them in this role. This will also reveal some aspects of that persons leadership style,values and beliefs.
  6. Leave them wanting more: Round of the interview by leaving a positive impression


  1. Debrief : Reflect on the interview and consider what went well, what didn’t seem to go so well ( if you sensed any break in the flow or specific reactions) and what you might do differently if you get to the next stage. Capture the learning and use it effectively
  2. Communicate :Follow up the interview with rapid communication to each person involved thanking them for the discussion , showing your ongoing interest ( assuming you would still like the role) and emphasising some experience, skills that would enable success. Round off the communication with how much you look forward to the possibility of going to the next stage.

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  • NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS : Coaching via Skype / Facetime / 1 to 1 meetingsMy career experience includes HR Director and senior executive roles in Barclays plc and Tesco plc leading major transformation and complex change programmes reporting at Board level .I have an MBA, BA and I am a member of the  Association for Coaching. I am an accredited coach with over 12 years of private client coaching experience and as an associate consultant with Penna (UK) dealing with career, life,executive and business coaching and counselling. I work in mentoring and coaching partnerships with executives to help achieve gains of importance to them.I help people of all ages, different cultures and job levels to understand more about themselves, their impact on others and how to develop across major dimensions in life.
    I respect the integrity and confidentiality of my clients building on their existing great skills and abilities and evolving enhanced self guidance : ” No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities.”
  • Specialties:

Holistic / systemic approach to coaching
Remote coaching via Skype and Apple Facetime
Coaching for Executive performance /High Potential including C level
First 100 days
Career Coaching/portfolio lifestyle
Coaching for powerful presentations
Life Coaching
Executive advice on staff insight surveys
Facilitating key meetings and C- level strategic retreats engaging around people decisions that flow from business choices
Business/HR Strategy ,Change Leadership
Communications strategy
Psychometrics,NLP,Emotional Intelligence
Confidence&Self Esteem
Creativity coaching
Independent Consulting propositions coaching
Non Executive director coaching
Business Report/White Paper writing
Graduate career coaching

Just a thought :

Five frogs are sitting on a log.
Four decide to jump off. How many are left? 

Answer: five. Why? Because there’s a difference between deciding and doing.

Mark Feldman

For a free exploratory discussion on 1 to 1 or GROUP coaching contact me on:


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