HR Director Attributes – an effective HR Director..

  • Provides strong leadership and direction
  • Can work across a multi stakeholder community
  • Has ability to deliver cohesive OD and people strategy enabling business strategy
  • Knows how to  drive through change improving performance and productivity
  • Has excellent interpersonal skills
  • IS Highly influential
  • Leads  and drives HR capability
  • Develops and implements HR policy including Management/Leadership development training
  • Enables Succession planning and reward processes
  • Is an agent of cultural change  enabling a collegiate and participative culture

Professional HR attributes

What would you add?

  • Astute commercial acumen; not just of your own business but of the economic and social factors affecting the company’s markets
  • Authentic Consultancy Skills; genuine partnership and expert questioning and problem solving.
  • Expert relationship management; not new concept obviously but must be done well with the right people, not just the obvious ones.
  • Proactivity and Opportunity spotting – pre-empt business issues and deliver tomorrow today.
  • Active External Networking – bring external perspectives to your business and develop a reputation for yourself.
  • Innovation and creativity – Innovate! if you can’t then see what innovations you can adopt and champion. Move things forward.
  • Exceptional Influencing Skills; master the art of persuasion based on addressing their dissatisfaction not yours. create a buzz of activity.
  • Output focus and Metrics – baseline activity before starting and measure success – absolutely essential.
  • Courageous conviction – passionately believe in what you do and what a difference you can make. Fight your corner and have the courage of your convictions.





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