Discover your thinking style – a free test


Discover Your Thinking Style – a free test 

Thinking styles are positive habits that contribute to better critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making. While no one thinking style is better than another, a balance of the various types’ results in better decision-making. A free  5-10 minute online assessment measures how individuals use seven different approaches to thinking:

Analytical: clear thinking, orderly and rational

Inquisitive: curious, alert and interested in the surrounding world

Insightful: prudent, humble, reflective and strategic

Open-minded: intellectually tolerant and fair-minded

Systematic: conceptual, process-oriented and intuitive

Timely: efficient, reliable and responsive

Truth-seeking: independent, tough-minded and sceptical

Knowing your preferred style will help you approach problems and decisions with the right mindset so you can be more successful.



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Peter Cobbe coaching


For a  free exploratory discussion contact me –

NOW ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS GLOBALLY : Coaching via Skype / Facetime / 1 to 1 meetings/Group sessions inhouse
My career experience includes HR Director and senior executive roles in Barclays plc and Tesco plc leading major transformation and complex change programmes reporting at Board level .I have an MBA, BA and I am a member of the CIPD and Association for Coaching.
 I am an accredited coach with over 12 years of private client coaching experience and as an associate consultant with Penna (UK) dealing with career, life,executive and business coaching and counselling.
 I work in mentoring and coaching partnerships with executives to help achieve gains of importance to them.I help people of all ages, different cultures and job levels to understand more about themselves, their impact on others and how to develop across major dimensions in life.
I respect the integrity and confidentiality of my clients building on their existing great skills and abilities and evolving enhanced self guidance : ” No one in the world was ever you before, with your particular gifts and abilities and possibilities.”
  • Specialties: Holistic / systemic approach to coaching
  • One to one coaching and Mentoring
  • Remote coaching via Skype and Apple Facetime
  • Coaching for Executive performance /High Potential including C level
  • First 100 days
  • Career Coaching/portfolio lifestyle
  • Coaching for powerful presentations
  • Life Coaching
  • Executive advice on staff insight surveys
  • Facilitating key meetings and C- level strategic retreats engaging around people decisions that flow from business choices
  • Business/HR Strategy ,Change Leadership
  • Communications strategy
  • Psychometrics,NLP,Emotional Intelligence
  • Confidence&Self Esteem
  • Creativity coaching
  • Independent Consulting propositions coaching
  • Non Executive director coaching
  • Business Report/White Paper writing
  • Graduate career coaching

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